10 Must Have Basic Party Supplies on Hand for Successful Event Planning

May 24, 2024

Ensure a successful event by keeping these 10 essential party supplies on hand.


Planning a party can be an exciting journey. However, you can easily get caught up in themes and decorations. Hence, forget the essentials!

Whether the event is an elegant soiree or a casual get-together, having a handful of basic party supplies is a must. This will streamline the process and save you from last-minute stress.

If you are an event planner or an enthusiast planning a bash for loved ones, this checklist is for you. To create a hit celebration, keep these ten party products handy!

10 Basic Party Supplies To Keep Ready in Shelves

1. Eco-friendly Utensils And Serving Platters

People now opt for making sustainable choices. Be it eco-friendly utensils or recyclable decor items, green party supplies are trending!

Choose to buy party supplies wholesale from reputed dollar merchandise stores. They offer a range of premium products, from biodegradable party ware to a hot-selling new party collection.

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2. Disposable Tableware

Given the stress of after-party clean-ups, disposable tableware has become a preferred choice. Collect disposable plates, cutleries, and table covers. It saves time and effort in after-party cleaning!

Celebration means a gathering of people. That means unexpected spills and messes are apparent! Keep an ample stock of napkins or disposable towels in hand. Make sure one thing: the party must go without any interruption.

3. Candles And Cake Toppers

Cakes have become integral to all celebrations, be it birthdays, weddings, or baby showers! Candles and cake toppers, available in various colors and styles, add charm to the celebration. 

Keep the stock of a diverse range of party candles and cake toppers in hand. Some of the trending candle and cake topper styles to have on shelves may include:

  • Glittering number
  • Metallic style
  • Silver style topper
  • Gold glittering number
  • Rainbow candles

These basic party supplies can make the arrangement interactive—and you don’t have to break the bank for that. These stylish and vibrant items make a pleasant experience for guests. The best part is that you can use them in any decoration, regardless of theme!


4. Party Games and Props

Adding a surprise element to the celebration makes guests feel wow. Games and props stimulate the surprise elements. Some of the best games and props to have in hand are US card games, sports supplies, and board games for teens and adults.

5. Decoration Items And Mood Setter

Decoration items and mood enhancers are top party supplies for successful event planning. They may seem extravagant, but trust us, celebration starts with setting the right mood. Scented candles, fairy lights, party streamers, décor, and design props can enhance the ambiance.

Their Calm colors and soothing lighting immerse into the ambiance organically and uplift the mood. They excel at setting the mood and stimulating the senses, perfectly contributing to attaining the desired atmosphere.

6. Basics For Balloon Decoration

Keep an ample stock of basic balloon supplies. Balloons are one of the top basic party supplies, and balloon arrangements are common! Have a hand on packs of balloons in vibrant colors, balloon weights, curling ribbons, sparklers, and more.


7. Pinnata and Party Favors

Think breaking the pinata and turning on the shower of candies! How much fun will you have? It's going to be thrilling fun. Pinnatas and party favors are like essential party planning checklists. They create memorable experiences for kids and adults. Add interactive elements to the dynamic party landscape to give life to celebrations.

8. Trash Bags

The party venue becomes garbage land the morning after parties. Post-party or post-move out clean-ups are annoying. Placing trash bags across the venue and keeping a handful of emergency spill-washing wipes in draws can reduce the strain of after-party clean-ups.  

9. Emergency Kits

Gather band-aids: gauze pads, pain-relieving sprays, and spill-absorbing wipes on your shelves. Stocking on emergency kits will make you prepare for unexpected events.

10. Music and Entertainments

Without groovy tunes and entertainment, parties are incomplete. Music sets the tone and atmosphere for parties. Whether uplifting the energies of crowds or keeping dance floors engaged with moves, choosing the right music is crucial.

Before the party, ensure you can access good speakers, a music system, or dope beat arrangements.


Where Can You Buy Basic Party Supplies?

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