How to Throw an Eco-friendly Kids Party?

June 4, 2024

Looking to throw an Eco-friendly Kids Party? Here we have mentioned 12 tips to host an eco-friendly parties for kids.

Organise Eco-friendly Kids Party

Green bashes are beautiful-they are great!! The fun of kids' parties doubles when they do not impact the environment. Celebrating sustainably is not at all boring. Eco-friendly parties are all about attaining fun in an alternative and better way.

You can throw a bash that's fun for the planet and fantastic for the little ones. Using sustainable party products and practices minimizes the carbon footprint, reduces waste, and eliminates costs, contributing to a better future! Hosting a green event is even easier.

This blog will share ten tips for throwing an eco-friendly party for kids. Whether you are arranging a birthday bash, pool party, or carnival, this list will give you a good start!

So, are you ready to plan a party for kids? Let's find out how to combine sustainability with elegance!

12 Tips To Throw a Sustainable Party For Kids

  • Avoid Using Single-Use Plates, Cups Or Cutleries

Say no to using single-use plastic or other options. These plastics or papers are mostly made of non-biodegradable materials. Opt for sustainable alternatives such as foam cups and plates, eco-friendly tissues, and more. Rent plates, cups, or dishes from friends. 

Go shopping and pick those designer items! They fit all themes, and guess what? You can use them multiple times.

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  • Use Reusable Decoration

Using this reusable decoration makes you party-ready. Yes, you have heard the correct term—reusable decoration!! Every item has its recycled version, from reusable balloons to ribbons to tableware. You can even opt for fabric banners, tablecloths, or napkins if you are ready to spend some time on after-party cleanup.      

  • Use Natural And Upcycled DIY Props

Do you know what is the worst thing about a single usable prop? Their decomposition process spans years and more. The best option is to try natural and upcycled DIY props.

Use flowers, leaves, and branches as replacements for plastic props. If you are skeptical about things- choose upcycled DIY props. Leverage your creativity and color with those old jars, paper, and cans because we know creativity runs into your veins!

  • Shop Bulk For Snacks

Buy snacks in bulk to reduce packaging waste. Avoid purchasing pre-packaged snacks. To replace this, buy nuts, candies, or any munchable items in large quantities and pour them into jars. Allot a particular alley to arrange them aseptically and create a snack counter. Guests will love these ideas- you know? It's like unlimited fun in a package of eco-conscious activities.

  • Consider Sustainable Food and Drink Options

While deciding on the menu, choose mindful options and eco-friendly snacks and beverages. Buy a reasonable amount of fresh foods, veggies, and snacks from local markets. Send the leftover food to guests. This practice will eliminate food wastage and support local organic firms. The best part is that when you foster a sustainable menu, you do your part to minimize the carbon footprint on our dear earth.

  • Keep Home Based Meal

Make the meal at home if it's a small affair. You may be surprised—what can you do for an extravagant celebration? Worry not!! Try a potluck-style menu. This practice will eliminate the need for packaging. What else better do you expect than this? It's satisfying, delicious, and blissful!!!

  • Give Eco-Conscious Party Favors 

Skip party favors if you can, and reflect gratitude through other paths. If you have made up your mind- we suggest choosing a thoughtful alternative. Give eco-friendly arts and crafts supplies wrapped in paper bags or a jar packed with homemade jam. Unique picks from local bakeries show the inspiration for eco-conscious party favors.

Sustainable party favor Paper Bags
  • Make Your Own Chips

Now we are going to drop a bomb!!! Make your chips. Please don’t judge—we are not taskmasters. This is going to be real fun. Use your choice of veggies ( chips are not always meant to be potato). Make your own seasonings, and guess what? Bake or fry them—the choice is yours.

  • Don’t Feel Ashamed To Borrow

Borrow an extensive range of supplies from your dear one. Once the party is over, wash them and give them back as promised. Trust us- borrowing is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Plus, you can ensure cost savings from sustainable practices by using them multiple times.

  • Choose Plastic Free Party Ware 

From spoons, cutleries, bowls, knives, table cloths, and ice buckets to party streamers or confetti-source plastic-free party ware in bulk,. Serve freshly made drinks in favor jars to spark the mood of celebrations. Put them into use multiple times, reduce waste, and save more in the long run.

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  • Leverage on Minimum Lights

Kids should stay awake late at night! Branch time is the best time for kids’ celebrations. Why have we mentioned this, you know? You can make the most of the natural lights in the daytime and save energy. If you are planning an event in the evening, use a minimalist setup. 

  • Use Beeswax Candles And Wraps

Are you ready to make the guest experience unique? Use scented beeswax. It smells good and gives a therapeutic sensation. Another masterstroke is the use of beeswax wraps. Cover leftover party foods and salads with beeswax wraps. By implementing this, you can reduce packaging waste.

Sustainable party supplies online

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We hope you have what you want! After listening about hosting an eco-friendly party for kids, you will not have to give a blank face. Now, you have got a range of extensive options to choose from.

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